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Advocating for the education New Mexico’s students deserve.

We cannot set our sights on only minor improvements to the edges of our education system, but rather on excellence for all. An excellent public school system will foster a vibrant economy, healthy communities and an engaged democracy. That means keeping our standards high and aligning our efforts around nation-leading results.


No two New Mexico children are the same. Our schools and pathways should complement our students’ distinct identities by offering a multitude of options for rigorous, forward-thinking and diverse school models. By creating more options—each with a different model and unique emphasis—we can provide every child a foundation for future success while making their classroom experience personally enriching and relevant.


We live in a data-rich world, but this data rarely finds its way to the people who need it most. From our Capitol to our classrooms, data only makes a difference if it’s accessible, relevant and user-friendly. This is especially true when it comes to student learning and how well our schools are using their resources to create great educational experiences for every kid.


The world is changing in bold and dramatic ways: our students’ future jobs don’t even exist yet. We must ensure that our education system keeps pace by reimagining school and creating learning environments that prepare our students to reach their potential in the 21st century.


Donate Today!

Donate Today!

We use donated funds to help us reach more community members and give them information about campaigns that impact them.


School Board elections November 7 Commit to Vote

School Board elections November 7 Commit to Vote

School boards are a critically important piece of New Mexico’s education system, yet oftentimes we do not give school board elections the attention they deserve. Commit to vote in your local school board race on November 7, 2023. Your voice matters and it deserves to be heard.